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“A lake carries you into recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable.” ― William Wordsworth



Jane Camp is an art educator as well as a working and exhibiting artist.  She is a Professor of Art at Heartland Community College and has worked at Heartland since 1994.  She has also taught for Tennessee State University, Illinois State University and Richland Community College.  She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Illinois Wesleyan University and her Master of Science degree and Master of Fine Arts degree from Illinois State University.  Jane’s photographs, drawings and paintings have been exhibited in many local and national exhibitions. She successfully co-operated a photography business, Outer Glow Photography, for 10 years.


The current theme of her photographic work addresses the waters of the Great Lakes, "Water is Involved". She received a sabbatical from Heartland Community College to explore the Great Lakes through analog and digital photographic formats. The goal in this body of images was to exemplify how various cameras capture a similar scene with interesting peculiarities to create visual interest from the same subject. Photographs created by the Holga, one of ten cameras that Jane uses, have been a mainstay in her photographic body of work. The soft, vignetting quality of Holga photographs encapsulate an ethereal vision that appeals to Jane’s photographic vision.

Much of Jane's drawings and paintings focuses on a group called "Random Pages".  Random bits from nature become enlarged and abstracted to suggest something beyond their origins. It is the unknown that can be the most fascinating, the most mysterious. Additionally, photographs created with my medium format Holga film camera encapsulates an ethereal vision, a dominate trait in her art. The photographs are softly captured versions of places traveled. This camera and several other types of cameras are her constant companions wherever I wander.


Jane has been fortunate enough to have participated in many collaborative projects. Her photographs, drawings and paintings have been exhibited in many local and national exhibitions. 

If you would like to find out more about Jane's process or purchase her artwork please get in touch through the email provided on this site.

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